The Only App For Constant Video Feedback

"Seeing video after every swing helped me speed up my learning process. I can identify the feeling of correct changes instead of repeating old mistakes."

Instant Replay On Every Shot

How It Works:

LVSports.AI uses your iPhone’s built in camera for video input.

Our powerful Swing A.I.  detects when you make a full swing and captures a 4 second video for instant replay.

After playback, the App returns to ready mode for your next swing.

"This App is a game changer. I've already made a huge improvement on my swing and it's super user friendly"


Hands Free Operation

Fully automatic, touch-free operation

  • Start a recording simply by taking a swing.
  • Trims Video to the start and end of your swing.
  • Plays back video in slow motion.

Powerful Analysis Tools

Insert static swing objects.

  • Apply Swing Plane, squares and circles for entire session.
  • Focus Mode slows down playback through impact.

Simple Sharing

Share recorded videos easily to coaches.

  • Share by social media, email, text, or other App.
  • Adjustable slow motion file export.
  • Enable AI analysis lines.